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APPAC working on grassroots level, young Muslim kids busy in a political campaign on ground:

Very often when the organization or initiative is led by people out in their communities who care about the issues of the day, you understand it can turn into something serious and strong. American Pakistani Public Affairs Committee is actively involving American youth with Pakistani descent in grassroots political campaign and voter registration processes. Most tough public issues – from crime to racial tension to substance abuse – directly involve and affect young people. But at the same time too often we see that youth are absent from discussions on these issues. APPAC programs help American Pakistani community to build trusting relationships necessary for long-term change. APPAC youth activist from diverse backgrounds and experiences develop trust, understand each others’ experiences, and work together on solutions. We are providing hands on guide and experience for youth and adults, who are dedicated to finding ways for all kinds of people to engage in dialogue and problem solving on critical social and political issues. Feel free to reach out to us to find out how you can get involved and make an impact.