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Social and Political Activism is the ultimate score of all academic and ideological progressions. APPAC has introduced the idea of mobilization and communication among the politically and socially marginalized Pakistani community in order to make them conscious of their presence. This organization has taken diverse initiatives to enhance and dignify the recognition of Pakistani Identity in the midst of American Political Scenario.

APPAC is all set to approach the Political Center with an audible voice and leave an impression on the behalf of Pakistani Presence via political forums. We, as a nation, have inherited the hierarchy of silence from all our cultural and colonial contexts which is embedded deeply into our collective consciousness. It impedes every chance of raising voice against or to the center. Reaching out to the ones in Power will not be difficult if this voice first reaches out to the community’s consciousness. APPAC’s endeavor to take marginalized Muslim and Pakistani voice to the political forefronts is a surprise to everyone out there; because it is not easy to believe that we deserve better and impressionable representation.

APPAC tends to assemble the multicultural, egalitarian and ideological diversity under the banner of its uniform approach towards more informed representation of all forums. It has initiated the social media mobility to reach out to the maximum indigenous communities which are trying to progress staying on the social and political margins.

hafsah bashir