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The APPAC Board had the distinct honor of hosting United States Senator Catherine Cortez Masto (D-Nevada). The Board met with the Senator and discussed several policy issues that effect the Pakistani community both in the U.S. and abroad. The Board expressed concern with several provisions in the ‘Patriot Act’, in particular sections 213 and 805 (Both referred to colloquially as the “Sneak and Peak Provision, and the “Material Support Provision”). The Board expressed to Senator Cortez Masto that many Pakistani Americans are unjustly targeted by these provisions of U.S. law. Senator agreed with APPAC that there has been a void in the leadership in the Senate and the Congress to stand up against the hate and fear mongering and calling it as such. She promised to build a great relationship with APPAC to stand against the hate and build a coalition of elected officials that will stand with the Pakistani American Community and continue to have this dialogue. The Board also shed light on the huge loss of life by the citizens of Pakistan since 9/11 due to Global war on terror, tremendous economic impact on the Pakistani economy and about the brave soldiers of Pakistan that have put their lives on the line in the fight against extremism. The Senator thanked the Board for making her aware of the incredible bravery and will exhibited by the Pakistani people. Senator Cortez Masto affirmed her belief in the importance of fostering greater U.S.-Pakistan relations and expressed a sincere belief that a good bilateral relation with Pakistan is mutually beneficial for both countries. The Senator agreed to continue working with APPAC on policy issues of mutual importance and offered an open line of communication with her office.