How Was APPAC Created

After the 2016 election, APPAC was created out of the frustration felt by many for some real work that brings quantifiable results. APPAC has quickly grown into the most significant American Pakistani organization nationally. Our goal is to stand by those who take a stand against bigotry, prejudice, and hate.

Our Mission

APPAC was founded in 2017 with the mission of creating resources not only for Pakistani Americans but for all Marginalized communities nationally. Our objective is to provide a substantial amount of support for Pakistani and Muslim Americans to run for their local town, city, and states race and win.

Our Vision

For The Future.

Our primary focus is on building resources, creating policies, and fighting for legislation that is beneficial to not only the Pakistani American community but all the communities. We strive to create a society that serves equality and justice for all.

APPAC also believes in supporting candidates who are clear in their commitment to full civic and human rights for all. We encourage and work simultaneously with other individuals and groups who share our vision, in the true American spirit of inclusiveness and equality for all. Our goal is to stand by those who take a stand against bigotry, prejudice, and hate.

But Why Pakistani Americans?

Pakistani Americans started immigrating to the United States approximately 40 years ago. And while having succeeded in many areas of their lives both personally and professionally, civic engagement is something that has eluded the community.

We at APPAC believe in helping Pakistani-Americans learn, engage, and take on active roles on the grassroots level. By building an infrastructure of activists throughout the nation, we hope to become a voice that will join many other active communities that are already fighting for a better future for all.

APPAC Structure

APPAC has three separate arms:

- Political Action Committee

- APPAC Inc. (501c4)

- APPAC Foundation (501c3)

How We

Accomplish the Goals

Here at APPAC, we advocate and work shoulder to shoulder with other individuals and groups who share our goals and principles. We work diligently with them to maintain our commitment to the entire civic by protecting and aggrandizing the civil liberties of those who stand against prejudice based on ethnicity, religion, or any other form of social status.