Join the APPAC Movement!

Becoming a member with APPAC awards you the opportunity to continue the work of developing a truly representative government at the local, state, and federal level. Membership responsibilities include the following objectives:

As a member of APPAC you will be responsible for

  1. Working to effectively identify candidates running for the office in your community;
  2. Supporting Pakistani, Muslim and other candidates who want to support us and our agenda, regardless of their political party;
  3. Efforts to work and engage young people with the work of APPAC;
  4. Introducing potential new candidates to APPAC to connect with us and run for office;
  5. Identify and chose issues where we can be helpful as Pakistani Americans to bridge relations between the United States and Pakistan. These relations should not be security centric, rather improved trade, education and cultural activities among people to people between two countries;
  6. Engage and lead on social events, gatherings and galas for different purposes in different states with the APPAC community;
  7. Identify and engage with social welfare activities for the all the communities in need, regardless of race, religion and ethnicity in your local community;
  8. Work to build or strengthen community centers in different states with the partial federal and state funding and community donations.