About Us


APPAC envisions and endeavors to achieve America in which all citizens are treated equally, regardless of their race, religious creed, or country of origin, in accordance with American values.

Mission Statement:

The mission of the American Pakistani Public Affairs Committee (APPAC) is to elevate the status of Pakistani-Americans and promote better relations between the U.S. and Pakistan by encouraging the full political participation of Pakistani-Americans, working for interfaith harmony, and supporting candidates who vigorously oppose religious discrimination.

Our Goals

  • To embolden the course to instill civil rights for all.
  • To promote interfaith and intercultural tolerance and harmony
  • To impart advocacy and civic engagement within the Pakistani-American communities.
  • Cultivating an empowered and abled future leadership for a more inclusive and diverse United States


  • Supports political candidates who are clear in their commitment to full civic and human rights for all, and who stand against bigotry, prejudice, and hate.
  • Encourages Pakistani-Americans to participate fully in the political process, and creates opportunities for involvement.
  • Stands against Islamophobia and seeks to educate decision-makers and the general public on the bonds between Pakistan and the U.S.
  • Helps Pakistani-Americans acquire relevant political, leadership, and communication skills; in particular, supports youth leadership and preparation for government service.
  • Works with and supports other groups and people who share our goals, in the true American spirit of inclusiveness and equality.