American Pakistani Public Affairs Committee is proudly launching its “Free Legal Aid & Counsel Program for Victims of Bias, Hate Crimes and Discrimination Program”.

Number of bias, hate and discrimination cases is on the rise not only in the U.S. but whole world. APPAC believes victims of each alleged bias, hate and discrimination case are entitled to legal aid and counsel and independent investigation. With that goal in mind, APPAC is launching Free Legal Aid & Counsel Program to: – Help each victim of alleged bias, hate and discrimination case to receive free legal aid & counsel; – Assist with independent investigation of each case; – Bring alleged perpetrators to justice; – Improve existing policies and practices.

If you are aware of individual/s or groups who might be in need of free legal aid & counsel, please do not hesitate to reach out to us using this Facebook Messenger, email – or call 1-877-62 APPAC.

In providing free legal aid & counsel APPAC is joining forces and partnering with existing similar programs in the country and we will make sure you will receive a quality and timely advice and assistance. In its earlier events in June and online posts APPAC also announced about launching of our another new Program “Educational Empowerment and Free SAT Preparation”. If you missed that announcement please take a look at our earlier posts here on this Facebook page. Please help us to share and distribute this announcement about our new Program further. It’s only with your “Likes” and “Shares” we can spread these good causes further and take the message to those who are in need of such help. Please don’t remain indifferent, stay involved. We are looking for volunteers to assist us with program tasks. If you are interested, please contact us. Thank you.