Baltimore, May 29, 2023 – The American Public Affairs Committee (APPAC) made a significant impact at the recently concluded Islamic Council of North America (ICNA) convention in Baltimore. With a dedicated booth showcasing the organization’s mission and objectives, APPAC successfully educated attendees about its noble cause, garnering widespread interest and support, particularly for its youth initiative.

APPAC National President Imtiaz Rahi, along with Board Members Dr. Alam, Prof. Faizan Haq, Asad Ali, and several others, played a pivotal role in representing the organization at the convention. Their presence not only exemplified their dedication but also emphasized the importance of the event and its alignment with APPAC’s goals.


Having the opportunity to interact with the National President and board members allowed convention attendees to gain insights into APPAC’s vision and witness firsthand the leadership’s passion for shaping public policy. These prominent figures shared their experiences, expertise, and perspectives on how APPAC is working tirelessly to foster positive change in society.


“The response we received at the ICN convention was overwhelmingly positive,” said Dr. Sadia Tahir. Dr. Sadia Tahir, the Youth Chair of the New York Chapter, represented APPAC at the convention. With her passion and dedication, she engaged with numerous young individuals, inspiring them to join the APPAC youth group. Her efforts resulted in an impressive number of registrations, as youth attendees eagerly signed up to contribute to APPAC’s mission of fostering positive change in public policy.


The convention proved to be a dynamic platform for APPAC to showcase its work and engage with a diverse audience of like-minded individuals. Visitors to the booth were captivated by the organization’s commitment to shaping public policy for the betterment of society. APPAC’s representatives effectively communicated the importance of their cause and highlighted the opportunities available through their youth initiative.


“The response we received at the ICNA convention was overwhelmingly positive,” said Imtiaz Rahi. “It was heartening to see so many young people interested in joining APPAC and working together to create a meaningful impact in the realm of public policy. Their enthusiasm is truly inspiring.”


The exposure gained at the ICNA convention marks a significant milestone for APPAC, further solidifying its position as a leading organization in the public policy domain. The productive interactions and registrations of enthusiastic youth members serve as a testament to the growing influence and appeal of the organization’s initiatives.


APPAC extends its gratitude to the organizers of the ICNA convention and looks forward to leveraging this momentum to drive forward its mission of effecting positive change through informed public policy decisions.




The American Public Affairs Committee (APPAC) is a non-profit organization dedicated to building resources, creating policies, and fighting for legislation that benefits all communities, not only Pakistani Americans, to create a society with equality for all. APPAC works to achieve its mission through a variety of initiatives, including:

  • Advocating for policies that promote equality and justice for all.
  • Building partnerships with other organizations to advance shared goals.
  • Educating the public about the importance of public policy.
  • Engaging young people in the political process.


APPAC is committed to working with all communities to create a more just and equitable society. For more information about APPAC, please visit our website at