Would you like to be able to report bias, hate and discrimination incidents with the help of an application on your phone? Now that’s easy. In late June 2017 the Council on American-Islamic Relations launched a new civil rights app this week called “Making Democracy Work for Everyone.” It allows users to quickly report bias incidents they experience,

“an important feature during a period of increased hate incidents targeting American Muslims and other minority groups,” says a CAIR press release. The app’s launch comes a few weeks after Nabra Hassanen – a Muslim teen was attacked and killed near a Virginia Mosque. There has been an unprecedented spike in hate crimes targeting Muslims and other minority groups since the election of President Trump.

In response to increased number of hate attacks around the country the American Pakistani Public Affairs Committee has also launched its Monitoring, Documenting and Reporting Program in late June 2017. Now you can also report incidents of bias, hate and discrimination by reaching out to us at our e-mail info@appac.co or calling 1-877-62 APPAC: If you are interested in volunteering to assist us with program tasks, please contact us. Thank you!