Photo Courtesy of the New York Times

On this day two years ago, the Indian government overturned Article 370 of its Constitution, a rogue act that stripped the State of Jammu and Kashmir of its special status and of its statehood, including its right to have its own constitution and its own flag. Along with it, the dissolution of Article 35A, has made the valley vulnerable, and the recurring nightmare many Kashmiris have had for years was coming to a reality. The continued military occupation of Kashmir is one of the worst human rights violations in history. APPAC will continue to stand in solidarity with Kashmir, and calls for the restoration of statehood in Kashmir, and the protection of land and human rights for all its people.

Today, we remember that the Indian Government confined about seven million Kashmiris, barricaded them to their homes and imposed a complete communications blackout from the rest of the world. Today, we remember the actions the Indian government took to ensure deathly silence against the Kashmiri people.

The people of Kashmir continue to be without their basic needs met, while the economy lies in ruins. The intentional and unconscionable suppression of civil and democratic rights is a daily reality for Kashmiris. The actions of the Indian Government and military continue to endanger civilian security and political freedom, even today. 

APPAC calls for: 

  1. The reinstatement of Article 370 and Article 35A, restoring autonomy to Kashmir, its land and its people;
  2. The end to the extreme human rights violations, disappearances of Kashmiris, and the extrajudicial killings and cases of torture;
  3. The end of rape by BSF as an instrument of oppression.

The disturbing trend of violence and human rights violations in Kashmir needs to come to an end. India’s move to unilaterally remove Jammu and Kashmir’s autonomy, and strip the law that safeguarded the native population’s rights and their land was the final assault against Kashmiris, and the world must take note.