This August, APPAC hosted a fundraiser to support new leaders running for U.S. Congress. Each of these candidates possesses the skills and leadership needed to bring positive representation and change to our federal government. We are excited to support new leadership into Congress and remain committed to developing the next generation of political leaders. Thank you to Mirza Khawar Baig for hosting a fundraiser in support of these Congressional campaigns.

Rana Abdelhamid, Democrat Running for Congress in New York’s 12th Congressional District: “My opponent has been in Congress for nearly thirty years. And over those thirty years, we’ve seen the cost of housing, child care, health care, and education skyrocket. When nearly half of Congress is made up of millionaires taking donations from other millionaires, we know there’s a problem. It’s time for true representation that reflects all of us at the bottom, not just those at the top. It’s time for a new generation of leaders to make a difference.”

Muad Hrezi, Democrat Running for Congress in Connecticut’s 1st Congressional District: “I am running because we need more leaders who are not just going to say the right things, but are actually going to fight for them. The time for rhetoric is over. The people are demanding that our government start actually working for us. And that’s what I plan to do.”

Imani Oakley, Democrat Running for Congress in New Jersey’s 10th Congressional District: “Our communities deserve a fierce advocate for the progressive policies that will help our communities to thrive. If elected as your Congresswoman, I pledge to fight for economic justice, racial justice, a Green New Deal, Medicare for All, workers’ rights, innovative infrastructure, demilitarization both nationwide and abroad, and of course, a fair democracy for every one of us.”